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November 24, 2009

Yahoo Sucks!

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did I type tat….

well,  tat what it looks like…..and the bad part bout those two words…i own stock in the dang company….
Went to Shine jus the other day and logged in as madmilker to write a blog and only after one week and three articles….Carol sitting in tat ivy tower in downtown Sunnyvale…booted my @ss off…
But will have to give her  5 RED STARS…you know…  the geeks in the company put on the stock boards for the type of sentiment one has toward a stock…..each and everyone are the color….red….not red, white and blue…not even purple and pink….jus RED.
Oh!  she also took my id and email too….but she likes doing tat all the time anyway…it’s like she is possess over having to have tat name off the search engine….

Dang…tat could be why Soro and T Boone sold….you jus never know bout things like tat…

There may be better thing to type about…like America being $57 trillion in debt….the government being over $13 trillion in the hole and even those 200,000 animals being slaughter at Gadhimai temple in Bariyapur today…but I jus had to type a few lines for the people of the world to read about little geek guys and gals from Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels…..

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving


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