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December 2, 2009

the turnips in D. C.

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couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.  The world hasn’t laugh tis hard since Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot wus removed doing his funeral in 1845.

Sum of the turnips are talking…Health Reform…sum talking taxing the war…dang!  sum are so ignorant… they talking to take sum of tat TARP MONEY and pay down the DEBT……and jus think…sum dumb @ss in America voted for tat fellow.

How is it tat the America people think tat sumone in their government owes them a dang thing.  Have they forgotten tat you spell government….”WE THE PEOPLE” and it doesn’t have a “U”in it.  Jus what did the people of America do long before the dang Ipod, MP3’s, computers, Iphones, tv’s, video games and all those sex toys tat people think they got to have to get their rocks off.

People…..your making life to hard in a world tat God made simple……put the word simple back in your life…We the People back in government….and you will see the world stop laughing cause there will be no turnips in D. C…..only people of character.

Remember….for the past 100 years…elephant and jack@sses put America in tis mess and if you think tat trunk of the elephant or tat @ss of tat jack is gonna get US out….tat laugh you hear from the world will never stop.

The National Debt:
1776-1910 2.6 (billions)…without an income tax
1920 25.9
1930 16.2
1940 43.0
1950 257.4
1960 290.2
1970 389.2
1980 930.2
1990 3,233.3
2000 5,674.2
2005 7,932.7
2006 8,506.9
2007 9,007.6
2008 10,024.7
AND 2009…….YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE! i think 14.2 trillion before the end of the year……..what’s yours?

And to you…..jack@sses and elephants …as you can see there wus only one 10 year period tat the debt went down…so!  when it comes to any of those turnips on Jenkin’s Hill tat tells you …tis ain’t gonna cost one RED CENT….will you please strap on a set of balls and tell tat dipstick….to shut the f^ck up!


“There doubtless are many causes for the loss of freedom, but surely a major cause has been the growth of government and its increasing control of our lives. Today, government, directly or indirectly, controls the spending of as much as half our national income.” – Milton Friedman

The American people have a lot to be thankful for…and having selfish self-centered @ssholes in D. C. ain’t one of them.


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